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There is NOTHING we love more than fresh flowers in the studio! You’ll find them on most of our clients and office space, and always on our precious newborns. In a recent session, we decided to take on the challenge of creating our own DIY newborn flower crown!

Want to learn how we made ours?

DIY  Newborn Flower Crown


  • Floral wire
  • Felt with adhesive
  • Ribbon (you can also build a crown out of wire if you wanted to do a full crown. We chose ribbon for our newborn because it is the most comfortable)
  • Flowers, real or faux, your choice! (Remember, if you are using fresh, add them at the last minute  so they don’t limp!)


  • Grab a bottle of floral spray for the tops of all of your flowers and let them dry before you use. This will keep your flowers hydrated longer, minimizing wilting as long as possible!
  • Choosing flowers depends on your color scheme and how big you want the crown. We wanted a more delicate look and chose carnations and baby’s breath, then accented with soft pink and purple flowers.


  1. Take the felt adhesive paper and cut two small shapes. We found it easiest to cut two figure eights. These will act as your base for the flowers.
  2. Next, With the backing paper still on your felt, take your wire and poke it through both ends of one of the felt pieces. A line of floral wire should make its way across the felt side, with two long pieces sticking out the back.It is important to note that your wire should be around 6 inches long.
  3. Now that the hardest part is over, it’s time for the fun! Choosing what flowers go where. This was a challenge at first because we weren’t sure the best approach to start. After playing around, it was easiest to place the little details of flowers and create a background where our carnations should be center pieced on top.
  4. Sticking it to the ribbon. This is where your second figure eight will come in handy.
    Take the paper off of the unused felt and place it toward the center under your ribbon and stick it. Then with your flowers, take as much paper off as you can and place it right on top, making a sandwich with the two felt pieces and ribbon.
  5. Show it off! 🙂



Remember there is not a wrong way to make a flower crown, practice makes perfect and there’s nothing better than making these sweet little crowns.

Now that we know how to make these we are hooked and can’t wait to make more!




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