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Meet kelsey, our featured senior of the week!

My name is Kelsey McCallister and I am a senior at West Allegheny High School.

My experience with Merritt was out of this world. I was going for a clean boho look, and the way Merritt did that made me look like I should be on the cover of every magazine! When she took pictures of me, I had a soft, romantic look and I adored it! I love artsy and creative looks and styles, and she definitely understood what I wanted.  My senior pictures made me feel the most beautiful that I have ever felt.  She doesn’t do your basic senior picture poses, which was great for me because I didn’t want my pictures to look like everyone else’s. Merritt really included my personality, best features, and style in my pictures.

I am currently planning on taking state boards for my cosmetology license in November. After high school , I am planning on going to school for makeup-artistry. I love when I do peoples makeup and their faces just glow and smiles form on their faces. I want to do makeup because I want to help others and show people how truly beautiful they are. Makeup has been a big passion of mine for years now and I can’t wait to be making my dreams come true! Once I get all of my training done, I plan on applying at MAC cosmetics and Sephora to be a free-lance makeup artist.

The person that I look up to the most is my mom. We have been through so much, and she is one of the most strongest and amazing women that I have ever met. She has always taught me to stay positive through the bad times and that there is always hope. I have no idea where I would be without her. She is not only my mother and my best friend, but she is my anchor.

I totally recommend going to Merritt for any kind of session you want. She truly is such an amazing photographer and person. She spends so much time and effort into making your pictures. You will be VERY pleased with the outcome!


Kelsey McCallister


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