feature friday | logan + nyc

Logan has had a spot in my heart since the first day I met him. If you remember, he won a day out with me last year when I held a “show me your style” contest on Instagram.  (shameless plug: follow me! @merritt_ ) I adored him so much that I asked him to assist me on set while I shot for my magazine this year. He really has became an important part of MLP in 2015.  So when we were discussing senior portraits & his summer studying at FIT in NYC, it only made sense we shoot it in his favorite city! 

“I was so excited to spend a day shooting with Merritt in New York. She has the greatest talent of capturing the passion and beauty in people. It was a hot day, and it was the middle of rush hour. And we ran around Manhattan, hitting well-known tourist spots like Times Square and Grand Central. I wanted my senior photos to show how passionate I am about New York, and fashion. I wanted it to show how much I love this city and how much I belong there. Merritt did more than perfect, it was extraordinary. She is so brilliant, being able to get every pose and every look and turn it into something powerful and moving. My day shooting in New York with Merritt is one of my best memories.” – Logan


Logan, I am so excited for your future. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful dream. ( And when you are a famous designer & you look back at all you’ve done in life, don’t forget our wonderful 2015. ) xo


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