feature friday | Stefanee

This inspiring actress is our senior of the week! Our feature friday talks to Stefanee, a senior at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center focusing in Musical Theater. 

Before working with Merritt, I was super excited. I saw her work and was curious to see what my session would be like and how my photos would turn out.
My session turned out to be awesome. I had the most beautiful makeup and outfits. I felt really confident. I’m not going to lie, I felt like I was on America’s Next Top Model or something. Merritt made me feel really comfortable and gorgeous.

My photos turned out amazing, and I couldn’t be any happier. Her photos are different and more unique than all the other senior pictures I have seen. Without her, I wouldn’t have some of the best head shots and pictures to send in for college auditions.

I get really inspired from people who have a passion, especially for musical theatre. Seeing someone 100% invested into their character and pouring their heart and feelings onto the stage is something that inspires me as a performer. After watching a performance like that, it only drives me more to do musical theatre. It makes me want to work harder.
I’m very excited for my future. I have no clue what will happen. That part is exciting, but also kind of scary. I would love to end up in New York, but who knows? I could land a tour around the world, I could end up at Disney, I could even end up in Chicago. Musical theater is happening everywhere, and the profession is so unpredictable, so anything could happen. I would love to experience a little bit of everything!
– Stefanee –

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